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Nick called up Jonah Curtis; a local homesteader, Hunt to Eat Ambassador, and care-taker of an extensive garden. Jonah gives a look into how through years of working the land, he has been able to pull a large harvest and be able to preserve harvest year round. He gives some tips for starting a garden, and make it productive. We also dive into his new partnership with Hunt to Eat and how his values align with this company seamlessly. This was a fun episode to record and surely some great info to gleaned.

Jonah holds quite a few different jobs, including working his homestead down in southern Michigan. His focus is to be able to grow enough produce and preserve the harvest for the following year. I know in my gardening experience, this was the missing step. Jonah uses several techniques; pressure canning, waterbath canning, freezing, and the old art of having a root cellar. It seems like a huge undertaking but he has made this his lifestyle. After many years of working his plots and getting familiar with his equipment, and being joined by the members of his extended family, they are able to put up a whole years worth of produce for later. I think of it like hunters who kill a deer, and gain several months of venison all to once, the task of preserving it takes effort up front, but in the long run makes the harvest worth while.

Jonah also has joined the Hunt to Eat team as a brand ambassador. He and Hunt to Eat have very similar values and pursuits that make this an awesome partnership.

Tips from Jonah on getting a garden started

  1. Plan now, before it’s time to plant and before snow falls, clear a plot, throw on a cover crop, get soil samples
  2. Start small. A 10x10 plot or even a couple raised beds can provide a sizable bounty and not overwhelm you.
  3. “10 minutes of weeding a day, save you 6 hours on Sunday”
  4. Understand, some plants may not work for you, and others work better. Note what you like, and what doesn’t work to help with planning next years crops
  5. Get others involved. Include family and friends to make the labor easier and the bounty sweeter
  6. Don’t plant Horse Radish in your garden, but rather in your neighbor’s ditch. Wait, maybe don’t do that.

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