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Today we are chatting with Mark Joyner, author of Your Roadmap To Money In 2020: A Cautionary Tale Of Hope. Mark Joyner is known as the father of internet marketing, having created the first pixel tracking, the first funnel, the first ebook publishing company, and the first one-click upsell. All of these terms we talk about in the internet marketing world were essentially invented by Mark. We are talking today about his roadmap which is all about the future, where technology is headed and how to apply it in your business and prepare yourself for the years ahead.

There’s value in all of this and this is a layer where most people are not thinking. If you’re curious enough in what’s happening on a deeper level, it’s going to get you thinking in such a way that will only benefit you. So this is your opportunity to get ahead. Make sure you grab Mark’s report as well since, with everything we talked about in this episode, he goes ten times deeper. When you’re done, be sure to check out our show we recorded with Rich Schefren and Mike Koenigs, on the future of technology and how to keep up with ever-changing trends.

Part of our existence is that life is warfare, so don't feel bad about having to do this as part of the grand design. I love using the military as a metaphor for many things because it is so apt for so many things.” - Mark Joyner

Some Topics We Discussed Include:

  • From being self-taught with no formal education to getting books published as textbooks
  • How to go down the rabbit hole on a particular topic while not getting misled by the media
  • Who can you really trust when watching the news?
  • What is ‘The Big Five Phenomena’ and why it’s not necessarily a good thing
  • Epistemological illiteracy and how it relates to your beliefs
  • How the rate of paradigm shifts has constantly increased and what you can do to keep up
  • What do Astroturf and Coco Puffs have in common?
  • How to survive in this new landscape
  • Untold secrets even with top-level CIA clearance
  • Why the future is in the hands of entrepreneurs and how you can be a part of it
  • And much, much more!

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