#376 - There's No "Ego" In Team


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#376 - There's No "Ego" In Team
Today we talk about how ego can be the root cause of all discourse within a team. Since most of our core values revolve around being kind and generally, a good human being, we acknowledge the fact that sometimes we don’t even notice that our ego is flaring. So take the time to check in with yourself and figure out how your ego is currently doing.

Things we talked about:

  • Introduction and quick recap [0:31]
  • Why are we talking about ego? [1:30]
  • “When the ego flares, communication comes to a halt.” [2:16]
  • Having a very sensitive ego, it’s hard to grow [3:00]
  • Some great examples of how ego changed a working environment [4:30]
  • Ego causes fear from speaking up [6:50]
  • If there’s friction with someone, check the ego [7:59]
  • If you value humility, you’ll find yourself running from people with ego [8:32]
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