In Search SEO 82: John Mueller’s Take on Interacting with the SEO Industry


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The great John Mueller joins the podcast to share his thoughts on interacting with the SEO industry: · How talking to search marketers of all levels impacts the SEO dialogue · Handling the problems of SEOs and the complications that come with it · On dealing with SEO controversy Plus, we take a look at Google’s ability to update entities in a flash! ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ EPISODE SUMMARY ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ In the first segment, Mordy tells Sapir about an interesting Google search Mordy did a few weeks ago. Mordy did a Google search on the Toronto Blue Jays just when it was announced that they won't be able to play any games in Toronto and will need to find a new location for the season. As this was unfolding Mordy found a section in the Blue Jay’s Knowledge Panel that was asking users to verify the baseball team’s new location. This was incredible as this was information that only a few hours ago started appearing in the news carousel and it almost immediately impacted the team’s Knowledge Panel! In the interview segment, Mordy interviewed Google’s own John Mueller to talk about John and his work at Google. They start by debunking the myth that John really likes cheese. Then they go into the difficulty of answering specific user questions without giving assumptions that this applies to all situations, the balance of trying to fix an issue using the algorithm and suggesting to the user to fix it themselves, why Google changed how they announce algorithms, and much more! Resources: Mordy’s Blue Jays tweet What Content Syndication Means for SEO: In Search SEO Podcast Timestamps: How Quickly Can Google Detect Changes to Entities [03:19 - 13:44] On Advancing the Great SEO Dialogue: A Conversation with John Mueller [13:55 - 48:40] SEO News [49:23 - 55:06] Hosts: Mordy Oberstein Sapir Karabello Special Guest: John Mueller of Google Follow the podcast on Twitter: Subscribe: Presented by Rank Ranger:

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