In Search 66: Getting the Scoop - A Behind the Scenes Look at Covering the SEO News


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Crack search marketing reporter, George Nguyen, shares what covering the SEO industry looks like: · What goes into getting information out of Google? · How to find the SEO truth · How to find a happy medium between offering users both intrigue & reality Plus, we take a look at how COVID-19 has wreaked havoc on Google’s algorithm! In this episode, we talk with George Nguyen, the associate editor at Search Engine Land. We go into what it's like to cover the SEO News. We begin with how George started in content marketing and worked his way to writing articles for Search Engine Land. Then we go into what it's like to ask questions to major companies like Google and Microsoft and how forthcoming with information they really are. George also walks us through ways to rectify the situation when you get something wrong (some great stories about his personal experience here). We also get into what the hardest stories to cover are and how to deal with haters (just shake them off). Lastly, we explore why Search Engine Land has adopted its unique article structure. Don't skip the first segment as we talk about the insane rank fluctuation patterns that occurred over the last 2 weeks. It seems Google's machine learning is working around the clock to figure out all of these new COVID-19 queries that it hasn't seen before. To that we'll get into some of the patterns we've seen and why we think Google has released so many updates in such a short amount of time. Timestamps: Is COVID-19 Driving Google’s Algorithm Updates? [00:04:24 - 00:20:40] What Covering the SEO News Is Actually Like [00:21:05 - 01:00:40] SEO News [01:01:00 - 01:04:52] Resources: Rank Risk Index: TF-IDF Tool: In Search SEO Podcast Episode 62: In Search SEO Podcast Episode 65: Host: Mordy Oberstein Special Guest: George Nguyen Presented by Rank Ranger:

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