In Search 67: How to Get the Finer Points of Your GMB Listing Right


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SEO Jedi Colleen Harris of Sincro gets into the finer points of creating a highly-effective Google My Business listing: · How to get department listings right and why you really have to! · How to expedite the GMB verification process! · How to prove the value of local SEO! Plus, we dive deep into how Google can use the functionality on the COVID-19 SERP to push personalization to all-new levels! EPISODE SUMMARY: We start with our guest speaker Colleen Harris on how watching soap operas started Colleen's career in marketing. Then we moved on to our main topic... Google My Business. Specifically, department listings! We dived into what they are, when you need them, and how to insert them effectively. Colleen breaks it down step-by-step ending off with Google's reply back to her that they wished everyone did it this way! Lastly, we discuss the importance of adding UTM code to your Google My Business listing and the importance of showing your value to your clients. In the next segment, Mordy shares his theory on how the COVID-19 SERP is a glimpse of what might be coming to the results page in the future! In short, the left side menu functionality currently being used for COVID-19 queries can be Google’s solution to answering multiple intents on the SERP. Google could offer an initial, more personalized SERP and then the tabs will show other categories for result diversity. Mordy and Sapir highlight all of the ways the functionality can help Google solve some of the problems related to personalization on the SERP... including the filter bubble! Timestamps: Getting the Finer Points of Your Google My Business Listing Right: A Conversation with Colleen Harris [00:08:20 - 00:24:26] How the COVID-19 SERP Hints at Google’s Future [00:25:42 - 00:40:49] SEO News [00:40:49 - 00:45:39] Resources: In Search SEO Podcast Episode 19: In Search SEO Podcast Episode 57: Host: Mordy Oberstein Special Guest: Colleen Harris Follow the podcast on Twitter: Subscribe: Presented by Rank Ranger:

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