In Search 69: Handling SEO for Sites During COVID-19


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Technical SEO expert Simon Cox joins the show to discuss how he’s handled SEO for sites during COVID-19: • SEO considerations for both local and non-local sites during COVID-19 • Addressing content needs during COVID-19 & finding new opportunities • What’s the game plan for SEO once COVID-19 is over? How sites may need to adjust to a new reality Plus, we offer tips on how to stay current on Google’s strategy and trajectory! <<<< EPISODE SUMMARY>>>> In our first segment, Mordy shares his idea of the most powerful way to analyze the Google SERP which is to simply play around on the SERP. To explain what he means, Mordy shares some examples. The first being how he noticed the SERP being more visual especially on mobile and that you can see on the SERP that Google is using images to help guide users to make choices. His next example is how Google was showing a sports player position carousel for many football teams, but now it’s limited to only a few teams. Mordy suggests that Google released a feature for testing but is now limiting it and releasing it in a more strategic approach. In our next segment, we have special guest, Simon Cox, who shares a couple of interesting SEO cases he’s currently handling amid the COVID-19 pandemic. His first case is a florist who with the help of a simple e-commerce page that Simon helped create, was able to continue to thrive when most shops were closed. In another case that Simon worked on, a wildlife charity added a ‘things to do in lockdown’ page with fun drawings, puzzles, and quizzes which garnered a lot of traffic for the site. Simon shares where he thinks there is opportunity during COVID-19 and how things may change in SEO when the crisis has abated. Timestamps: How to Know Where Google Is at & Where It’s Going [00:07:39 - 00:22:44] How to Handle SEO and Websites in the Wake of COVID-19 [00:22:49 - 01:07:43] SEO News [01:08:14 - 01:11:23] Resources: Simon Cox: The Corona Pub: How Google’s Entity Understanding Has Advanced: Hosts: Mordy Oberstein Sapir Karabello Special Guest: Simon Cox Follow the podcast on Twitter: Subscribe: Presented by Rank Ranger:

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