In Search SEO 81: Differentiate Your Local SEO by Going Strategic


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Mark Bealin joins the podcast to discuss how to set your local SEO apart by thinking strategically. · The upside of strategic local SEO over tactical local SEO · How to develop a strategic approach to local SEO · Where links and reviews fit into the strategic outlook Plus, we look at how the COVID-19 SERP has normalized! ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ EPISODE SUMMARY ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ In the first segment, Mordy and Sapir review the latest on COVID-related queries appearing on the Google SERP. It seems the volatility on the SERP has finally calmed down. What SERP change/adjustment did Google make to finally decide to calm the SERP? Mordy believes it’s related to Google boosting the rankings of government sites back in June. Google’s mostly happy with direct queries like ‘COVID cure’ as big sites like WebMD, the CDC, and the like are up there. But for queries like ‘getting a mortgage during COVID,’ Google was only satisfied with the results when government sites started to appear in the top results. In the interview segment, Mordy interviewed Mark Bealin, head of Search Lab, to discuss local SEO. They discuss how Mark’s previous coaching experience helped with his SEO strategy. Next, Mark goes over some client case studies that cover how to motivate your client to help with link building, as well as some good link building ideas like hosting events, getting in touch with the city’s Chamber of Commerce, and finding ways to get involved with your community. Resources: Google Algorithm Updates Suds and Search Timestamps: Why the COIVD-19 SERP Has Calmed [04:18 - 14:53] Thinking About Local SEO Strategically [15:36 - 49:47] SEO News [51:03 - 55:53] Hosts: Mordy Oberstein Sapir Karabello Special Guest: Mark Bealin Follow the podcast on Twitter: Subscribe: Presented by Rank Ranger:

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