In Search SEO 70: Getting the Most Out of Your SEO Audits without Wasting Time


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SEO audit fanatic Matthew Tenney joins the podcast to offer his approach to running SEO audits: · How to know when you need to run an SEO audit · Leveraging an SEO audit so that you get the most out of it · Tips on taking action after running an SEO audit Plus, we dive into the rank volatility trends of the May 2020 Core Update <<<< EPISODE SUMMARY>>>> In our first segment, Mordy shares his initial data findings on the recent Google May 2020 Core Update. While the update started slowly at first, on its second day rank fluctuations went up tremendously. What's interesting is that there was a relatively uniform volatility increase across the niches including YMYL. In the interview segment, we interviewed Matthew Tenney to discuss everything site audits. Matthew shares when you should do site audits, why you should do full site audits, and when you should do batches instead. We also get into how to focus on the main problems of an audit first by creating benchmarks, the importance of internal links, and so much more. Matthew covers a lot on site audits and we can't summarize it all here, you just have to listen. :) Timestamps: What Made the May 2020 Core Update Unique? [00:04:36 - 00:20:18] How to Properly Run SEO Audits [00:20:18 - 00:52:54] SEO News [00:53:49 - 00:57:08] Resources: Rank Risk Index: The January 2020 Core Update Data Results: Why Ranking Above The Fold Matters More Than Ever: Hosts: Mordy Oberstein Sapir Karabello Special Guest: Matthew Tenney of Follow the podcast on Twitter: Subscribe: Presented by Rank Ranger:

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