In Search SEO 72: How to Find & Acquire More SEO Clients


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Deepak Shukla of Pearl Lemon joins the podcast to share his experience on finding and acquiring new SEO clients: • How to find top-quality SEO leads • How to gauge the SEO market so you can sell your services with optimal effect • How to sell yourself & your SEO services aggressively but without being a spammer! Plus, when taking Google Trends data at face value goes wrong! (Tips on how to view trends data) <<<< EPISODE SUMMARY>>>> In the first segment, Mordy covers a tweet that Kevin Indig shared where the word 'best' was going up in Google Trends at the same time the word ‘cheap’ was going down. Mordy begins his take on this with this misnomer that just because you see a correlation, it doesn’t mean they are related. In this case, the term ‘best’ can mean different things for different people. For some, ‘best’ includes cheap and affordable. It is possible that ‘cheap’ is trending down because consumers want more information with their commerce content and aren’t searching anymore for thin content sites that sell ‘cheap’ items the way they used to. In the interview segment, we interviewed Deepak Shukla about how to build up your lead generation for your SEO business. Deepak shared what sites he uses for outreach as well as the best way to market yourself online to get that initial conversation. He then goes on about the importance of having a focus with your SEO business as potential clients will sign on with you because of that focus! Timestamps: Why You Can't Always Trust Trends Data [00:05:21 - 00:24:03] Building Your SEO Client Base with Lead Generation Tips [00:24:03 - 01:04:29] SEO News [01:04:48 - 01:07:20] Resources: Kevin Indig on Google Trends for 'Best" & 'Cheap': Hosts: Mordy Oberstein Sapir Karabello Special Guest: Deepak Shukla Follow the podcast on Twitter: Subscribe: Presented by Rank Ranger:

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