299: Creating 5 HMOs in 2 Years (whilst flipping misconceptions on their head)!


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Today we've got our second HMO month interview, and today we're joined by Clair Mcardle, a North West based investor and owner of Blue Sky Spaces.

As with Ben & Jules, our guests last week, Clair has achieved a huge amount in just a couple of years, recently hitting her goal of creating 5 HMOs over the past 24 months.

After a bit of a false start and some uncertainty with exactly where she should be investing, Clair discovered she didn't need to follow the crowd to Manchester where she'd first attempted to grow her portfolio. Instead, she focussed on areas closer to home and as well as making her life a lot easier, she's discovered a great local niche where her properties are in huge demand.

We often talk about mini-HMOs generating £600-800 monthly profit, but Clair's latest 4 bedroom HMO is generating in excess of £1,000 every month, in a location many before her had dismissed as unprofitable and low value. It really goes to show what the right area analysis can do for your business.

There are many great insights like this in today's episode so I'm sure it'll open your eyes to the potential of HMO investing.


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