301: 5 Tips to Scale Your Property Business - Our takeaways from Social Media Marketing World


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Today Victoria and I are getting together behind the mic for an overview of our biggest takeaways from Social Media Marketing World 2020. This is a conference we attended in California 2 weeks ago and got so much value from for our business, but don't worry if you're listening to this thinking 'jeez Mike, I don't care about Facegram or The Twitter, I just want to build a property portfolio' because none of our biggest takeaways relate specifically to social media tactics.

We've got 5 high-level business and mindset topics to cover that will have a positive impact on any business. We discuss each one for a couple of minutes, so stick with us, see which of them resonate most with you, think about what would have the biggest impact on your own business, and leave the rest behind.


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