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Content warnings: At 4:09 to 4:30: Discussions of weight loss and dieting; at 6:38 to 6:53, physical violence; at 8:02 to 8:45: anxiety and involuntary sedation; at 9:38 to 10:24: Paranoia; at 11:06 to 11:59: Depiction of a hostile situation and threat of violence; at 12:00 to 13:07: Paranoia; startling noise at 13:20 to 13:21.

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Things begin to unravel for the test subjects. Eliza still struggles containing her anger, Martin really needs some sleep, and Jessica is certain someone at Gonsanto is out to get her.

Cast List:

Eliza - Jaqui KerschenbaumLea - Angela TranMark - Richard DresdenDr. Baker - Lindsay ZanaHelen - Tara SantoraMartin - Elijah GabrielJenn - Charlotte NorupJessica - Allison BrandtHotel Worker - Nikko Goldstein

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