080: Avoiding the Pitfalls of Political Distractions


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Between what we see happening overseas, economic unknowns, COVID-related policies that impact our way of life, and much more, there are plenty of things that can consume a man’s thoughts these days, especially when it comes to politics. I’ll be the first to raise my hand that I’ve been guilty. For many months, I have wrestled with an unhealthy amount of anger and frustration about what I see happening in the world around me, and I haven’t been afraid to share my opinions on social media (which is pointless). In fact, I have let my anger and my passionate love of country become an idol in my life, and I see it happening to Christian men everywhere. Join me and my co-host, Jacob Green, as we unpack this topic, what it can mean for your faith life, and some ways to right the ship before it’s too late. I’m committing myself to be better and I would like you to join me.

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