#76: Strengthen the Body, Harden the Mind and Get Out of Pain with Dr. John Rusin


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My guest on today's show is Dr. John Rusin.

Dr. John is a leading expert in the fitness and sport's performance industry.

His pain-free performance training model blends the world of strength and conditioning with clinical movement based diagnostic medicine to provide the ultimate results based methods, programming and practice for a diverse demographic of elite athletes and the general population.

Dr. John's list of clientele includes MLB All-Stars, NFL All-Pros, Olympic Medalists, World-Record Power Lifters, Elite Bodybuilders, All-World IronMan Triathletes, and top professionals from eight of the major American professional sports leagues.

He and I had an amazing conversation that includes:

  • How to properly prime the body for training and prevent injuries
  • Why your foam rolling sucks and how to do it better
  • Why you need to warm-up LESS and train MORE
  • The truth about stretching
  • Incorporating true speed and power work into your training
  • Earning your right to bench, squat and deadlift
  • The best exercises for getting strong and jacked

And much more.

Enjoy this info-packed show.

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