#81: Pro Wrestling Legend Rob Van Dam Talks Backstage Stories, Career Highlights, Training, Nutrition and Cannabis


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My guest on today's show is Mr. Monday Night himself, Rob Van Dam.

Rob is a pro wrestling legend and the only wrestler in history to hold world titles in the WWE, ECW and TNA.

He and I had a great conversation that included:

  • Starting out in pro wrestling
  • His time in ECW
  • Transitioning to the WWE
  • Cannabis use for pain management and concussions
  • His most memorable moments through his career
  • What Rob attributes to staying relatively healthy throughout is 30+ year career
  • What he would tell his younger self

And much more.

Rob is such a cool guy and we had a great conversation that offers some big takeaways even if you aren't a fan of pro wrestling.

I had a blast talking to him and I think you'll enjoy our chat.

Enjoy the show.

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