592 - How to Invent a New Industry in Uncertain Times with Matthew Berry, The First-Ever Fantasy Football Analyst


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The world economy is full of uncertainties. People are furloughed. Or scared of being furloughed. Or fired. Or scared of losing their job. Security isn’t real right now. So we need other plans. I called up Matthew Berry, the first-ever Fantasy Sports analyst. Matthew basically invented a new industry and career entirely back in 2005. I wanted to learn the step-by-step process of starting over in uncertain times. And how we can apply these lessons today.

I don't know anything about sports (real or fake). But if you're a fan of Fantasy Football, then good news for you. You can watch Matthew Berry on "The Fantasy Show" on EPSN+. You can listen to him on the Fantasy Focus Football podcast and download the Fantasy Life app, which is 100% free and Matt says their alerts are the best in the business.

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