Director Detour: Martin Campbell's "The Mask of Zorro"


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Hello dear listeners! If one thing is sure, we at the James Bond Complex love our singular heroes, especially when directed by Martin Campbell, who presents them so well. Tall, handsome, dashing, well dressed, adept at spycraft, handy with the women, wielding rapiers and engaging in terrific sword fights. Oh, pardon us. Did you forget that Martin Campbell director another iconic adventure hero from Western culture apart from James Bond? That right’s, the man who introduced 2 Bonds to the world also helped reintroduce the legendary Zorro in his 1998 swashbuckler The Mask of Zorro. In fact, the character was so nice he directed him twice (more on that probably never). We even brought in the International Man of Mystery Jason Kim to dive into this 1998 classic. As usual, the trio dissects a wide array of endlessly noteworthy topics such as: Catherine Zeta-Jones being praiseworthy in any decade (for her acting of course!), formative films of 1990s, Anthony Hopkins’ absolutely stunning hair, how the PC police would have a field day with the movie, and comparing the film’s Captain Love villain to the actor who played Red Grant in From Russia With Love. You know, that actor. Uh?... So strap on your mask (the Zorro mask. Well, yes, of course a COVID mask too. Yes it’ll be a little uncomfortable. Look, do you want to tag along with us and Zorro or not ?!?) pick up your rapier, mount your steed and enjoy this week’s episode just we will enjoy spending a lifetime podcasting for you.

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