26 Four Steps to Understanding Buyer Needs


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Four Steps To Understand Buyer’s Needs

Powerpoint slide after powerpoint slide bombarded me with detailed data, specs, diagrams and text information. After 20 minutes he stopped the torture. “Wow”, I thought, “he hasn’t managed to ask me even one teensy question during this session of our first meeting”.

What could he have done with me?

  1. He could have asked me a few questions to ascertain what I was interested in. We could have spent the bulk of our time talking about the aspects which were most likely to lead to a sale. We had limited time and he limited his own chances of gaining a new client by telling me everything, instead of only those things I needed to know, to make a buying decision.

  1. Start with either where the client is now or where they want to be – it doesn’t really matter which one you ask first. This is because what we are trying to understand is how big is the gap between “As Is” and “Should Be”. By the way, unless the sense of immediacy about closing that gap is there, then there will probably be “no sale” today.

  1. Having plumbed the parameters of the current and ideal situation, next enquire about why they haven’t fixed the issue already.This is an excellent Barrier Question and depending on the answer, you might be the solution to fix what they cannot do by themselves.

  1. Finally, check on how this would help them personally – what is the Payoff?They may need this fix to keep their job, hit their targets, get a bonus, get a promotion, feel job satisfaction, rally the troops – there are a myriad of potential motivators.

Why would that particular question be important? When we come to explain the solution to the problem, being able to address their closely held personal win, helps to make the solution conversation more real and relevant.

Don’t overload the buyer with too much information. To filter out what information you should be showing them, ask questions first to understand their needs.

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