How to Make the Biggest Money Mindset Shift | Curator Coaching Session


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Do you know what determines your success?

No, it’s not money, talent, or connections…

>>Buttercup, contrary to popular belief, the biggest determining factor of your success is your mindset.<<

On that note, this episode of a Social Curator Coaching Session is unique because the questions were more focused around business beliefs (things we believe are facts that limit us, or make us lucky, or--maybe, just maybe--give the impression that some of us are destined for greatness and others are not).

In this episode, you’ll hear me answer questions about:

  • How to keep up your motivation when people are not engaging with you on social media
  • When you have a million tasks to get done and you're COMPLETELY overwhelmed by it, how to narrow down WHAT to tackle first and how
  • The biggest mindset shift around money that helped me grow my business

and more!

If you’re ready to tackle the mindset shifts that are holding you back, click play!

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