Your Personal Pep Talk: "Thank you, Haters!"


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Recently, I was in the middle of a workout and I wasn’t feeling it. I was tired, sweaty, and felt like giving up… and I needed to think of something to help me push through to the end.

I was trying to decide what could help me get through the last 25 minutes of my cycle class, and I decided to express gratitude. But I didn’t think about expressing gratitude for people you’d expect--my friends, family, and people who support me.

Instead, I decided to express gratitude for those who have tried to put me down, who tried to put limits on me, and those who have doubted me.

>>I think it’s easy to thank your fans, but it’s hard to thank your haters…. And it’s just as important because without your haters, you wouldn’t be where you are today.<<

In this episode, you’ll hear me thank the business partner who moved on without me. You’ll hear me express gratitude for the event organizer and CEO that didn’t pay me to keynote their conference, despite the reviews and requests from attendees. And you’ll hear me say thank you for all of the people who dissuaded, discouraged, and deprived me from starting Social Curator.

I am so thankful for those experiences because they proved how strong I am and how bad I want it…. And I hope you, my friend, do the same.

>>When people try to put you down, instead of being discouraged, express gratitude.<<

Ready to thank the haters? Click play!

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