Episode 72: "Die Off" - What Is It, What's 'Normal' And What Is Going On?


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In today episode of The JCN Clinic Podcast Show Jessica and Carissa discuss "Die Off". They break down what Die Off is and what we should commonly expect as far as local symptoms within the gut and systemically. They discuss how the use of supplements such as antimicrobials can be individualised to walk through Die Off without eliciting long lasting discomfort, while highlighting the importance of working with a practitioner to ensure your gut treatment is closely monitored though these stages. Jessica and Carissa also outline why peoples Die Off symptoms differ from person to person and what this may mean. The JCN Clinic podcast is a place where Jessica and Carissa get real about nutrition and living a healthy life. They share with you their passion and their clinical knowledge for a fun no b/s approach to looking after yourself. Please enjoy today’s episode and don’t forget to subscribe in iTunes! For more information or to contact the JCN Clinic email us on reception@jessicacox.com.au or visit www.jessicacox.com.au Follow us on our social channels at @jescoxnutritionist @carissaannenutrition @paigelredford @emmamorris_nutrition @feed_your_happiness and @alexatran_nutritionist show notes: Episode 49: The Integral Role Of Antimicrobial Supplements In Gut Treatment. https://podcasts.apple.com/au/podcast/episode-49-integral-role-antimicrobial-supplements/id1244288862?i=1000444207207

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