Protection Your Energy Meditation


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Welcome to your protection and strength embodiment meditation.Spirit reminds you that Protecting Your Self and Space from lower vibrations, negative or dark energies is important element to stay in the vortex of positive and crystalline energy. Know that you are safe and eternal and that each experience you encounter with lower energies that feels “bad” is just in that experience and can be easily recycled and released. When we cling to the fears of an experience or focus on the negative energy of someone or something, we can lower our own immune system and become weakened in energy body. We can also expand the fear based identities and prolong suffering for ourselves and others. Setting up protection is being strong in love for self and all others and supports eliminating all sufferings. “All protection comes from a space of not being fearful. Spirit asks you to release all of your fears over to them now –so they are completely dissolved back into pure light. You have power and control over your space. You have power and control over your mind, body and how you navigate in the world. You have unlimited power to Co-Create your environment to be filled with nurturing love, light, patience, safety and wealth. Take a moment here to notice and gather any fears that are showing up for you so they may be cleansed and healed for you today. So you will gain even more protection and strength in your physical and energy body and in your home and within your purpose in this life. You are your environment are a protected and strong sacred space. You are safe and strong in all you desire to create in this life and all lives-on all levels. Call upon the sacred site energies of the world to protect and strengthen you. Call upon all of High Realm Spirit as a collective of Masters, Angels s and New World Order to affirm the sanctuary of your Self and all others and all Space and environments for you, all others and for Mother Earth. See and feel the army of angels of protection-they are to your North, to your South, to your east and to your west. They stand in illuminated light creating a barrier to any dark forces and any negative energies so they may not enter your vibrational field or physical body. See the gridlines of sacred geometry they place all around you. See they are illumined in a golden and blue light of protection and strength-where only love may enter. The grid lines are grounded into the earth and connected with the Sacred Sites and cord into Mother Earth’s heart chakra.

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