2 Brits trapped by Coronavirus in Philippines don't want to come home!


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Jon Gaunt talks to 2 Brits who are trapped on a Luxury paradise Island in the Philippines who reckon they are safer there than in the UK.

Tony and Dan explain the very strict #lockdown and curfew they are living under due to #covid-19 but say they have no intention of coming back to the UK even if they could.

Jon and the boys also discuss the shambolic way that Boris Johnson has handled the pandemic in the UK.

They are joined by Angel who is Philippine's born and bred who tells us what it is like living under the threat of #Cornavirus in her country.

Dan also talks about how this pandemic will affect both the tourist trade and the poorestceople in the #Philippines.

This is a fascinating podcast and well worth a listen.

Please note the line breaks a couple of times but stick with it as the content is brilliant and very interesting.

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