JBD 40: Speak Your Dreams into Existence with Billionaire P.A.


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JBD 40: Speak Your Dreams into Existence with Billionaire P.A.

Your mouth shapes your future beliefs, and how you feel about yourself. These are just one nugget I learned from today’s guest: the iconic Billionaire P.A. is a business consultant, speaker, and author of the acclaimed book, “MY MIND IS WEALTHY”.

He is a publishing machine releasing 39 motivational books that teach the dynamic laws of prosperity the mind, and self-mastery. Billionaire P.A.’s story has to be heard to be understood.

In our interview, we went deep and discussed that we discussed God, the power of the mind, and how to find the clarity needed to reach your full potential.

His mission is to inspire over 1 billion people to speak their dreams into existence and teach them how to develop a wealthy mind.

This is an amazing episode for anyone who has ever thought about building a full-time living around their passion.

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