266: Should I Tell My Friend He's a Horrible Person? | Feedback Friday


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Recently you stopped all contact with a childhood friend due to his toxic behavior. He went through a pretty bad breakup due to his behavior and you had enough. He thinks that by being a horrible dick to people, he’s being really honest and helping them. Your other friends tell you that you should talk to him about why you cut him off, but you feel you've told him one too many times why he’s a dick and what he could do to change. Do you owe him a conversation just because you were childhood friends? On this Feedback Friday, we'll try to help you decide whether to continue ghosting this ex-friend or actually take the time to tell him he's a horrible person.

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On This Week's Feedback Friday, We Discuss:

  • Interested in doing some prison time with Jordan next February? It’s filling up fast; reach out to prison@jordanharbinger.com for details!
  • Recently you stopped all contact with a childhood friend due to his toxic behavior. Do you owe him a conversation just because you were childhood friends -- even if it's just to tell him he's a horrible person?
  • You've grown distant from your once-close sibling, who has become increasingly anxious and self-isolated to the point where family visits never happen anymore. Is there a way you can help draw them out?
  • Your boyfriend enjoys porn, so you're wondering -- from a guy's perspective -- why is it necessary to have an “escape” from a relationship with a partner who is perfectly willing to do it all? Is he just scared to be vulnerable enough to ask you?
  • After six potential relationships got nipped in the bud because the other person says you're "too good" for them, your suspicions are aroused. What's the most likely story, and what can you do to change this all-too-familiar outcome?
  • When you work in politics and it's election season, how do you wrangle your campaign volunteers to do the work that's proven effective (phone calls and knocking on doors) instead of the work they want to do (strategy meetings and social media)?
  • You're constantly told you need to meet with mentors, but you've gotten a lot of terrible advice from them. Is there any value to just going through the motions with bad mentors who may be great connections if not the soundest strategists?
  • You're a shoe-in for a job opportunity opening near you soon, but it would mean pulling out of a job you're not that excited about that requires a lengthy commute. How can you let go of the latter job without leaving anyone in the lurch?
  • Life Pro Tip: Feeling a gag reflex? Squeeze...

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