301: How to Fight an Out-of-State Speeding Ticket | Feedback Friday


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You're not sure if the speeding ticket you got driving across the country was given because you had out-of-state license plates, you were racially profiled, or there was an equipment failure of some kind, but you're pretty sure it wasn't for speeding. You want to fight it, but you're not sure what your legal options and obligations are. Friend of the show Corbin Payne, Esq. will explain how to fight an out-of-state speeding ticket the right way, and of course we'll try to do our best to answer a stack of other questions here on Feedback Friday!

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Full show notes and resources can be found here: https://jordanharbinger.com/301.

On This Week's Feedback Friday, We Discuss:

  • Interested in doing some prison time with Jordan for his birthday this February? It'll be here sooner than you know it! Reach out to prison@jordanharbinger.com for details if you want to go!
  • When you're paying so much money and time for the privilege of being part of your best friend's wedding party, is it unreasonable that, with plenty of notice, the caterer is refusing to accommodate your vegan request?
  • Recently married, your partner has been voicing concern and guilt for living so far away from family. But due to the nature of your job (which you love), you can't move back to your home state without having to give it up. How do you make an informed decision in this situation?
  • Driving across the country, you were stopped in Texas and ticketed for speeding even though your speedometer says otherwise. You're not sure if you were flagged for out-of-state plates or racially profiled, but you'd like to fight it. What are your legal options? [Thanks to Corbin Payne, Esq. for helping with this one!]
  • We often advise listeners to find competent legal advice, but how do you go about choosing someone? How do you know you will get a performer and not a shyster? [Thanks again to Corbin Payne, Esq. for helping with this one!]
  • The well-paying job where you've worked for 13 years is undergoing a transformation and trying to get rid of as many employees as possible. Of course morale is low and you'd love to quit even to take less money elsewhere, but you've got a baby on the way and your wife wants you to hang in there until you're out of debt. What should you do?
  • Need a little help being a great dad? Ryan's Holiday's

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