425: Anthony S. Luciano Raimondi | The Mob Enforcer Part One


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Anthony S. Luciano Raimondi was born into the world of organized crime, spent much of his life as a mob enforcer, has played part in heists and assassinations, and is the author of When the Bullet Hits the Bone.

What We Discuss with Anthony S. Luciano Raimondi:

  • What was the Black Hand, and how did it differ from what we think of today as the Mafia?
  • The many creative ways mobsters have gotten rid of bodies over the years.
  • How Anthony's father taught him to deal with a bully in Catholic school without getting smacked around by the nuns -- or going to jail.
  • What it was like for Anthony to have an Uncle Lucky Luciano to hang out with as a kid.
  • Why sometimes you've just got to kill a Pope when your grandfather tells you to.
  • And much more...

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