Taryn Brumfitt's advice for changing your mindset on those 'meh' days


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Today’s guest is one of our absolute favs. She oozes body confidence and positivity, but it wasn’t always that way… Taryn Brumfitt was on the cusp of getting plastic surgery after her third child when she realised the example she was setting for her daughter. So instead, she posted a nude picture on social media showing how much her body has changed between her bodybuilding days and now. It quickly went viral with more than 3.6 million people viewing and sharing it - including Ashton Kutcher! She then founded The Body Image movement and released a fantastic film called Embrace. Now she’s getting behind the Cupid’s Undie Run which raises funds and awareness for The Children’s Tumour Foundation and Neuroblastoma, and is encouraging everyone to embrace their body, strip down to the knickers and help raise money for this brilliant cause.
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