Best Of 2020 Feat. Greg Amsinger, Wil Crowe, Mike Martz, Colin Thompson And More


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This week is the best of the podcast. We start with Justin's top 5 sports moments of the year: LSU Winning the College Football National Championship, the virtual NFL Draft, the Tampa Bay Lightning winning the Stanley Cup, the NBA/NHL bubble playoffs, and Sarah Fuller kicking at Vanderbilt. Then we have the best of our guests. In order of appearance: Greg Amsinger (6:59 - 13:22) Eric Arditti (13:46 - 20:32) Wil Crowe (21:23 - 24:24) Justin Kutcher (24:57 - 27:56) Mike Martz (28:29 - 33:36) Colin Thompson (34:29 -39:24) Masen Wake (40:03 - 43:32) Bug Rivera (44:01 - 46:44) Grayson Rodriguez (47:30 - 51:20) Thank you to every guest that has come on this year and thank you to everyone who has listened and support the podcast this year. 2021 will be even better!

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