The Return Of Theatre And The Power Of Hope - with Ceili O'Connor


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With a prospective route out of lockdown ahead, there are tentative steps towards the widespread reopening of theatres and other entertainment venues in England. With this in mind, it's time to start getting excited about live shows again!

Kevin's guest this week is one of theatre-land's most seasoned and respected performers, Ceili O'Connor, star of such shows as Cats, Evita and Mary Poppins, and the director of Prep Your Rep, a 360 nourishment program for performers and creatives, working holistically from the inside out.


  • Lockdown has caused many people to develop the art of listening, and to help refine their focus upon the things that matter. For those in the arts, it has given a new appreciation of how important they are.
  • 17th May 2021 signals the beginning of a return to theatrical events, albeit in a small way. 21st June 2021, if all goes to plan, normality returns when it comes to live events.
  • For over a year now, the theatrical domain of the country has been devastated by COVID, and will likely never be the same again. Hope is the one thing that has carried the sector through its darkest moment in history.
  • Everyone in theatre is simply trying to create and innovate in their own unique ways. To do this, it all begins with a healthy and happy mind.


'I think we're listening better, and we're more focussed during this time' - 2:55

'I am so excited to get back to the grind and get back on stage!' - 7:37

'Without hope there is no light' - 12:18

'It's about working as a community. I really want to break that "them and us" approach' - 33:55


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