From $120,000 in Debt Millionaire Mark Ling Answers How to Start From ZERO


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“What would you do if you had to start all over again with NOTHING?” This is one of the most asked questions for almost all successful people. This podcast episode of NinjaPodcast features Mark Ling, who has done it, with $120,000 in debts. He learned Affiliate marketing, became successful in different niches, has won countless awards and continues to teach other entrepreneurs how to do it.

From working as a delivery boy in Pizza Hut at $6 per hour to building a website that was giving him an income of $10,000 a week, Mark Ling had established himself as a successful internet entrepreneur. But, it was a little ignorance that put him in 120k dollars of debts, lost all employees, made him start all from scratch. Listen to the episode to find out what it was and how he built himself again, better and even bigger.


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