Handle the Lump, Heal your Life Part 14: Heal Sinatra Style: MY WAY for Radical Remission with Dana Theriault & Dr. Nasha


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Is there really such a thing as In Remission or is it Remember My Mission? Remember that your DNA is unique to you, and so, spontaneous health and healing may not be so radical when you root the cause. Your mission is to know the tangible tools to treat your whole Self. Have hope, take heart, and heal yourself to whole like the song My Way. Your mission is to remember what makes you YOU. Be Radical to create health and heal. HINT: Its ALL cellular! TUNE IN to receive your FREE GIFT. In this episode you will: Learn WHAT is Cancer to learn HOW to treat Cancer Discover what to test, assess, and address to reduce ALL risks Know the genetic and metabolic processes that influence cause and effect

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