MBEs, #EndSars & the rap game


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Of course, we have to start the podcast by giving you the latest on lockdown rules. Disu leads the discussion by letting us know the difference between Tier 1, 2 & 3 when it comes Covid. Boris has been leaving SAGE on read and it shows in his decision making. In light of quarantine and chill, Nego talks about the economics of romance now people have less social options.

Not everyone who is awarded an MBE takes it. We discuss a list of people who have chosen not to take it in the past and Nego, Bola & Disu discuss whether or not they would accept one.

We touched on what’s happening in Nigeria and the need for change for the sake of the youth and future generations to come.

Last but not least we touched on the rap game and the fact that no subject is off limit, that includes slut shaming

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