December 12, 2020 - Talking Lakers, Kyrie Irving, Paul George and More


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The Lakers are back! And if it seems like they never left, it's because they kind of didn't. A really short offseason is already in the rear view mirror, but the impact was seen by who wasn't on the floor Friday night as the Lakers beat the Clippers in the preseason opener. No LeBron James, no Anthony Davis. Or Markieff Morris, Marc Gasol or Kentavious Caldwell Pope.

Still, some interesting stuff happened, mostly with Talen Horton-Tucker, who put up a lot of shots and filled a bunch of categories in the stat sheet. It wasn't perfect, but the kid, still just 20, looked like a guy who belongs. Why a useful THT makes a potentially significant difference for the Lakers this year. There was also the debut of Montrezl Harrell... how'd it go?

From there, it's a look at the Clippers and the Paul George extension. Easy choice for PG... was it one for the Clips? George will now be earning $49,000,000 as a 35-year old. Could be a little problematic.

Finally, we dive deep into Kyrie Irving and his Friday instagram post, and talk about why his message isn't necessarily landing.

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