December 16, 2020 - Jourdan Rodrigue on the Rams and the NFL Playoffs


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She's back! A favorite of the Late Night Happy Hour, Jourdan Rodrigue, who covers the Rams and the NFL for The Athletic. After a quick discussion of lactose intolerance, we looked at this week's opponent for the Rams, the New York Jets, and the utter disaster they've become. Is it worth everything they're doing to land Trevor Lawrence with the top pick in next year's draft? She says yes... but that Lawrence could very well force his way to another team.

What does all this mean for Sam Darnold, btw?

From there, it's a look at the Rams. Andy breaks out numbers explaining Jared Goff's struggles in the red zone, while Jourdan notes how the team has been reconfigured around high probability, high efficiency plays. It's something that should help Goff stay out of trouble, and plays to the strengths of the defense.

We ask whether defensive coordinator Brandon Staley is a viable coaching hire this offseason, and where he might go, before sizing up the Rams' chances against other postseason contenders like New Orleans and Green Bay.

Finally, it's a disaster trivia game!

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