December 18, 2020 - Claire de Lune on LeBron, Clippers Criminality, Harden and music


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The NBA is about ready to kick into high gear, and with that in mind, we welcome Clare de Lune (@ClaireMPLS), host of the "Dimes and Dozens" podcast to get ready.

We start with how good the Lakers look, given how far ahead they were at the end of last season. Meanwhile, the Clippers are being accused of criminality centered around Jerry West and the luring of Kawhi Leonard to LA. What might it mean for The Logo if this stuff turns out to be true?

Meanwhile, Claire has adopted the Lakers as her team, since moving to LA. One big reason? She was a huge LeBron fan, and they arrived at the same time. So will Lakers fans accept her as one of their own? Or is she a bandwagoner. It gets into one of the more unique things about the NBA - that fans follow players as much as teams. Along those lines, are people undervaluing James Harden, beacuse they don't like him?

Finally, we dive into Claire's new single "The Jump," which she records under her project, Tiny Deaths.

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