December 3, 2020 - Lindsay Jones


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She's one of the best writers covering the league, and now she's on Late Night Happy Hour! We open by discussing the best segment on Twitter these days, "The Lena Show!" It's where her daughter picks NFL gams for the week. So how she doing, and why the faith in the Jets?

From there, it's onto young quarterbacks. By now. most listeners are familiar with Brian's skepticism about Jared Goff, which she shares! But why is it so hard to get a bead on young QBs? How is Carson Wentz a star... and then not? What's new that's letting Josh Allen thrive? Why has Lamar Jackson seemingly gone backwards this year?

Who are the quarterbacks capable of transcending talent? Is Kyler Murray one of them?

What does it mean to be "The Next Sean McVay?" or similar? What are execs talking about when they say they're looking for that?

Finally, it's a game of Jones Jeopardy!

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