December 4, 2020 - Daman Rangoola


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It's been a busy week in the NBA, and joining the Happy Hour to cap it all off is Daman Rangoola (@damanr).

We start on how he became a figure on NBA Twitter. What brought him to basketball, the NBA and social media. A nice jumping off point to the big story about media from Friday... namely Kyrie Irving refusing to do any with the Nets as the season opens up. Does he have a point? Should he feel obligated to speak? Why would any athlete trust the media, especially if they feel they've been burned before. And who is Kyrie really hurting if he goes all year without talking? (Hint, it's not a victimless crime, and the media isn't the victim.)

Next, it's onto the Lakers. LeBron and Anthony Davis are both locked up. What do the week's events mean for the Lakers' championship window? For Rob Pelinka's job buillding around them? It's all good news, that's for sure. Just how special can the duo be?

Finally, we wrap with a Daman specialty... Clippers slander. Where they went wrong last year, why Kawhi Leonard deserves much more heat, and why the Clippers have a gajillion times the pressure on them this season than the Lakers, even with the Lakers entering the year as the clear title favorites. That's saying something.

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