December 8, 2020 - Scott Feinberg


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It's been a weird year for everything, and movies are no exception. But nonetheless, Oscars season is starting to percolate, and here to break it down is Scott Feinberg, who covers the awards for The Hollywood Reporter, and hosts the fantastic THR Awards Chatter pod (which can be found here, and wherever else you get your finest audio).

We start, though, on Kobe Bryant, who Scott had a chance spend time with as Kobe went through the process of making, getting nominated and ultimately winning an Oscar for "Dear Basketball." What made his journey in Hollywood unique?

How about LeBron James? Clearly concerns about his commitment to hoops vs. commitment to Hollywood have been eliminated, but that doesn't mean he's not interested in the Hollywood stuff. And it's going pretty well, too.

From there, it's on to news about this year's Oscars ceremony. What is it going to look like? What movies are making headway, and how might the way in which they're distributed this year impact future Oscar seasons? Was there any consideration to cancelling, given how many release dates have been pushed back?

Finally, what does the week's news about Warner Brothers and HBO Max mean for the future of the industry? What else is coming? Is the theater-going experience, at least as it was before the pandemic, officially dead?

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