January 11, 2021 - Greg Bergman on the Dodgers and MLB's offseason


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Time is a flat circle these days, so it's easy to forget that normally the winter is filled with important offseason baseball happenings. This year, not so much, so you're forgiven for forgetting we're in the midst of Hot Stove season. It's just not all that hot. Baseball teams aren't spending any money, fearing continued COVID-related revenue losses.

One team that has been active? The San Diego Padres, who have made some power moves to try and close the gap between themselves and the Dodgers in the National League. Greg Bergman of 710 ESPN joins the show to discuss their progress.

How good has San Diego's offseason been?

How much have they shaved off of L.A.'s advantage?

Are the Dodgers still the favorites in the National League? (Spoiler alert... yes) Could they actually be better this year than last?

What about Justin Turner? Is his career in L.A. over? Will Gavin Lux finally break through? What if Cody Bellinger's shoulder still isn't quite right?

Those are just some of the questions we cover.

After, Greg explains what Tommy Lasorda meant to born-and-bred Dodgers fans, before we finish with a Lasorda-inspired game in his honor.

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