January 15, 2021 - Aaron Larsuel


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The Lakers rolled the Pelicans on Friday night, running their record to 11-3. With about 20% of the season gone already, things are looking pretty good. To talk about that, and much, much more, Aaron Larsuel, host of The Official Lakers Podcast, joins.

We start, though, on Aaron's grotesque, surgically repaired (sort of repaired, at least) right hand. It's really gross, and doesn't work properly. That leads to questions about what is the bare minimum score a grown man should be able to achieve bowling? And is bowling a better first date option than mini-golf?

From there, we get to the Lakers, and LeBron James, who is essentially playing basketball like a Jedi. So much control, with incredible returns for every ounce of energy he's putting out on the floor. 18 years in, his ability to control a game is still unmatched. How does that impact the team around him? Especially since that control is paired with a great deal of contentedness and joy? It's a huge factor in the Lakers constructing the type of team chemistry they've displayed over the last year-plus.

Especially now, in NBA seasons where chemistry has never been more important, thanks to COVID-related NBA protocols.

We ask an interesting hypothetical -- How would 2010 Kobe have handled the bubble? As a player? As a leader?

And as the discussion turns to comparing eras in the NBA, Aaron puts out some takes on Larry Bird that might even get die-hard Lakers fans to actually defend a Celtic.

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