January 21, 2021 - ESPN's Grant Goldberg on NBA Social Media, Great Uniforms, and the Lakers


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The Kamenetzky Brothers welcome ESPN's social media and uniform guru Grant Goldberg (who also happens to be a fixture on Lakers social media) to the show, talking meme culture, NBA, great threads and more.

We start with Thursday's big win for the Lakers in Milwaukee. It was a great night for Kentavious Caldwell-Pope, who is without question a leader for most popular player inside his own locker room. His teammates love him, and when he plays well it gives everyone a boost. But broadly, is this the least unlikable Lakers team of all time? Even for non-Lakers fans? How was Thursday's game an indication of why Kyle Kuzma's contract extension matters?

We talk about his jersey re-designs for the Lakers. How does he decide what deserves a tweak? And why is he so right that the black side panels on the purple Lakers jerseys are an abomination?

From there, it's a conversation about NBA social media. How did it develop? Why is it so much more a presence than other sports? What makes the game, and the community, so well suited to the type of social media influence it has? And what makes for a good meme, anyway? Why does an image - this week, it's Sitting Bernie Sanders - go viral?

Finally, we finish with a gold-themed game.

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