January 4, 2021 - Lang Whitaker on Marc Gasol, Ja Morant, giraffes vs. kangaroos and NBA gaming


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To kick off 2021 - after a quick breakdown of LA's weekend win over the Cardinals, pushing the Rams into the playoffs even while the QB situation is fluid - we welcome the great Lang Whitaker to the show. Formerly of Slam, NBA.com and GQ, Lang now serves as coach and GM of Grizz Gaming, joins the show. We start talking Marc Gasol, someone he got to know while Gasol was in Memphis and what having him means not just on the floor, but to a franchise and a city.

Not surprisingly, the review is positive.

From there, we get into Ja Morant - how well-equipped is Memphis' young star to handle the burden of elevating a small market team to excellence? And how's that giraffe the zoo named after him doing?

We talk cooking with Lang (who hosts a segment on the Grizzlies media site called Cooking With Lang), and finish things off with a dive into NBA culture in the social media age.

Tuesday: @CountOnVic

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