January 7, 2021 - Ohm Youngmisuk


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He's one of the best reporters in the NBA, and a great guy to boot. Ohm Youngmisuk of ESPN joins the show. After talking about the weirdness of covering games in arenas this season - and what we miss and don't miss about the days when we were all doing our jobs in the normal way - we talk about a Lakers team that after nine games is 6-3, but clearly isn't playing with the same intensity and cohesion of last year's group.

Anything to worry about? Ohm says... no and explains why.

From there, the topic turns to James Harden. Would a team like Denver pull the trigger, given some of the maturity questions growing a little louder around young (potential) star Michael Porter Jr.? If not the Nuggets, what team would talk themselves into it? Are teams making a mistake in talking themselves out of a deal? What stars make sense for Harden to play with?

We dive into COVID, arguably the single most important determining factor of who eventually wins the title, or at the very least, how teams are arranged going into the playoffs. The Lakers have been COVID free to this point, but can they stay that way? The Sixers, after all, are suddenly dealing with a positive test to Seth Curry, and more could be coming.

Finally - at least on the basketball side - Ohm makes a great point about LeBron. Not only is he playing well, he's just in a fantastic spot mentally, and as a person. It's rare for an athlete's athletic prime to line up with his prime as a person in the way LeBron's seems to be doing. And it shows.

From there, it's a look at Ohm's shoe collection, Tupac trivia, and a discussion of The Mandalorian. He's a fan, to say the least. And are movie theaters really dead?

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