102. Guest Artists (Revisited) - Andrea Soos, Ange Miller & Wendy Solganik


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This week we have a special episode. We are going back and revisiting the very first artist interviews that I ever did. So that means you’ll be hearing from Andrea Soos, Ange Miller and Wendy Solganik.
What Richie and I decided to do was to take a listen to these episodes and find our favourite parts which was actually incredibly hard because there are so many good bits! But we have chosen a few snippets and we are sharing them in the one episode today. We hope that they will inspire you and encourage you to listen or re-listen to the episodes to hear more.

Find the show notes for this episode with all the links at https://www.laurahornart.com/thepodcast/102

Find Andrea, Ange and Wendy on Instagram @andreasoosart @angemillerart @willa.wanders

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