Biden: “more people may die” if Trump & GOP obstruct transition; Moderna: Coronavirus vaccine 94.5% effective; VP Pence speaks with governors amid major vaccine news; CNN: U.S. military told to plan for U.S. troop drawdown in Afghanistan & Iraq in final


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Biden: Trump & GOP refusing to allow transition is “ more embarrassing than debilitating” to the country; Pandemic reaches worst levels yet as Trump denies Biden transition access to key agencies; Biden: sooner we get transition plan, sooner vaccine can move forward; Fauci: it’s “obvious” that coordination with Biden amin would be better for U.S. public health, Trump hasn’t attended task force meetings in “several” months; Ex-GOP rep: republicans “need to intercede” with Trump; Trump threatens primary challenge against GOP governor who acknowledged Biden win;

Fauci: Moderna’s COVID vaccine results “truly striking”; U.S. tops 11 million total cases; nearly 250k deaths; State officials reimpose restrictions as pandemic rages; Trump adviser: Michigan should “rise up” against virus restrictions; CA gov pulls “emergency break,” imposes new COVID restrictions; U.S. seeing record hospitalizations as pandemic rages; DOW nears 30,000 mark after Moderna’s promising vaccine news;

Oregon Gov: conversation with VP Pence “extremely disingenuous”; Oregon starts two week “statewide freeze” on Wednesday; Or Gov. institutes “statewide freeze” ahead of Thanksgiving; Violators of Oregon “freeze” could face fines, jail time;

Russia’s COVID reality not what Kremlin portrays; CNN obtains video showing hospitals and morgues in Russia overcrowded and overwhelmed; Russia’s death toll feared to be about four times higher than 33,000 reported by Kremlin; Remembering nurse and father who died of COVID-19;

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