George Floyd’s family visits memorial at site of his death; Law enforcement investigating both far left and far right groups; NYC mayor announces 11pm curfew, doubling of police tonight; Study shows lasting effects police killing have on communities; Heal


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Curfews in place as nation prepares for tonight; George Floyd’s brother urges peaceful protests, end to violence; Minnesota AG: history shows Floyd case may not be a “slam dunk”; MN police chief: all officers involved in Floyd’s death “complicit”; Thousands across the globe join protests against Floyd’s death; Sixth night of protests turn violent in NYC, Washington D.C.; Michigan sheriff takes of riot gear, joins peaceful protesters;

Trump calls governors “weak”, urges them to dominate protests; Trump encourages governors to use aggressive tactics on protesters; Trump aides divided over how president should address protests; Floyd family attorney says cause of death was asphyxiation; Attorney on independent autopsy: police were the reason for George Floyd’s death, Floyd was dead on the scene;

Local officials suspect white supremacists, far-left extremists are behind violence at nationwide protests; Barr escalates federal response, deploying riot squads; NYPD: 1 in 7 arrested protesters not from NYC, using encrypted comms; Atlanta curfew extended for a third night, starts at 9pm; National Guard prepares for possibility of violence in Los Angeles; Study finds police shooting adversely affect the mental health of entire African-American communities;

U.S. coronavirus deaths toll surpasses 104,000; 18 states show increasing cases, 9 states flat & 23 states declining; Florida Keys reopening as beaches in Miami remain closed; Dr. Fauci: I don’t like how Moderna handled vaccine data release; Fauci says he hasn’t spoken to or met with Trump in two weeks;

Protests: the power in peace; Spontaneous moment of song, demonstrators protect stores form riots, cop & protester share hug; George Floyd’s brother calls for peaceful protests; NFL calls for action in wake of Floyd death and protests

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