Grim milestone: More than 1,100 deaths in the U.S.; 3.28 million filed for unemployment last week, most in history; China to ban most foreigners from entering starting Saturday; L.A. Mayor: Residents should prepare to stay home until May;


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Coronavirus patients start to overwhelm U.S. hospitals; New York coronavirus cases soar to 37,000+ health officials say worst is yet to come; NYC hospital sees 13 coronavirus deaths in 24 hours; NYC builds makeshift morgue ahead of coronavirus death surge; Doctors describe "terrifying" hospital scenes as coronavirus patients overwhelm health system;100 deaths from coronavirus in NY in one day; Gov. Cuomo: When I feel tired, I think of the heroes; Pelosi promises "strong bipartisan vote" in House tomorrow on $2 trillion stimulus package; Treasury Secy. Mnuchin calls new record weekly unemployment claims "not relevant"; Stimulus package includes historic boost in unemployment benefits, protections for evictions & foreclosures; In letter to Governors Trump says he may revise guidelines on social distancing; Churches in Italy being used as cemeteries; French police demand masks to enforce lockdown; China to ban most foreigners from entering starting Saturday; Spanish PM: Spain now epicenter of European outbreak as death toll climbs above 4,000; Germany conducting half a million tests per week; German death rate far lower than other European nations; Panic buying causing stores to run low on certain staples like eggs, beans, toilet paper; MLB pledges $30M to support ballpark employees; NYT: Philadelphia 76ers, New Jersey Devils reverse course after asking employees to take pay cuts over coronavirus; Commissioner: Cancelling the 2020 baseball season would create "tremendous hardship"; NY Medical Worker: Our hospital is "Busting at the seams"'; Dr. Fauci: You don't make the timeline, the virus does; At least 39 doctors die in Italy, nurses collapse form exhaustion; With doctors dying and a nurse collapsing in Italy, fears of similar situation in U.S.; At least 150 hospital workers in Boston test positive for coronavirus; Mayor warns Los Angeles could be the next New York City; Doctor exposed to coronavirus joins clinical trial testing possible treatment drug;

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