Minneapolis police to undergo civil rights investigation; Peaceful protesters tear gassed for Trump church photo-op; Protesters gather in George Floyd’s hometown of Houston; Trump threatens to deploy US military to “dominate” protesters; U.S. coronavirus


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Protests underway in Minnesota, curfew starts at 10pm; Officers shot during violent protests in St. Louis, Las Vegas; Trump: NYC “lost to looters”, NY Gov calls response “inexcusable”; NYC sets earlier curfew after violent protests, looting; Gov. Cuomo slams Mayor De Blasio, NYPD for NYC unrest, says they “did not do their job; Protesters march through NYC ahead of new 8pm curfew; Activists call for accountability, change on ‘Blackout Tuesday”;

Trump visits another church today in push for Christian conservative support; CNN: Trump created photo-op after being angered by reports he was moved to WH bunker; CNN: AG Barr ordered law enforcement to push back protesters from park outside White House; DC mayor: “shocked” and “outraged” protesters were tear gassed; Top GOP senators defend Trump’s church photo-op, Senators Sasse, Lankford criticize use of force on protesters; Religious leaders express outrage, condemn tear gassing; Episcopal rector says holy ground “turned into a battleground”;

Minnesota AG will “hold everyone accountable” in Floyd case; Minnesota AG defends timing: “not going to create a situation where people can say this was a rush to judgement”; Minnesota AG has “every expectation” charges will be filed against other officers in Floyd case;

Peaceful protests underway in Washington D.C., protesters lay on ground chanting “I can’t breathe”; Now: George Floyd’s Family takes part in Houston March; Protesters gather near police headquarters in Los Angeles; Trump threatens to deploy US military to “dominate” protesters; Police, National Guard use tear gas on protesters outside WH; Powerful images show police kneeling with protesters;

U.S. coronavirus death toll at more than 105,000; Public and private testing sites forced to close due to protests; 21 states increasing cases, 7 states steady & 22 states declining; Surgeon general fears “new outbreaks” amid protests across U.S.; Lancet study: masks help stop the spread of coronavirus; NIH: summer heat unlikely to stop the spread of coronavirus;

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